Slides to Scorm
Automate slides with video or audio, get a completion

How to use this tool

Upload a presentation (ppt, pptx, keynote or ods) or google slides. Then upload or record audio or video to each slide. You can download a SCORM-compatible zip file. When played, the slides will automatically change when the video or audio finishes playing (or after 20 seconds if no audio/video was recorded - you can change this). A SCORM completion occurs when the last slide finishes playing.

Once a file is converted, a Download button will appear next to Reset. You can download your package even if you haven't recorded media for each slide yet.

Known issues

  • Sometimes Google Slides don't convert properly. If this happens, export them as PPTX or PDF and upload as a file instead.
  • Video uses webm format by default, which is not suported in Safari, and so gets converted to mp4.
  • Safari 15+ has a bug recording video (audio seems fine) - wait until a new Safari comes out and 🤞, or use Chrome/Firefox.
  • You can't (yet) click on the timeline to skip ahead in a slide.


We store your slides and media in a temporary folder. You can delete this folder at any time by pressing the Reset button. Temporary data will be removed from our server automatically as required. Google analytics is used to track basic details about your use of this tool. We don't capture or store any personal information.

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